Insomnia58: The UK’s Biggest Summer LAN

26 Aug

What Can You Expect From Insomnia 58? For those iSeries regulars you know the score of what to expect this upcoming weekend, but for those of you who don't, you're in for a treat. There's no question that the Insomnia Summer Gaming Festival is the largest out of the three by a long way. Exhibitors...

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MLG Orlando & Team Infused!

29 Jul

The Open Bracket reigns supreme! From August 5-7th, the world's top Call of Duty Pros and Amateur teams will enter the MLG Orlando Open for a chance to win $100,000 and over 2,500 CWL Pro Points. This is the final major tournament before the 2016 Call of Duty Championship September 2-4th, and an important competition for teams who have yet to qualify for Champs....

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EVO Header
28 Jul

Round 2! FIGHT!  We've had a blast hanging out with the ASTRO Family this summer and we're just getting started. Our latest adventure took us deep into the Fighting Game Community, where for the first time ever audio support was provided at every station for CEO (Community Effort Orlando) and EVO (Evolution Championship Series.) Take a closer look at the FGC...

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The A50 + Base Station F.A.Q.

26 Jul

Pre-Order Q: When will my order ship? A: Non-pre-orders ship within 48 business hours from the time the orders is placed (as long as it is in stock). Pre-order items will ship as soon as they are in-stock. Where you see a product listed for pre-order, we also state an expected in-stock date. Shipping dates will vary...

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The New A50 Wireless Headset

30 Jun

Spun out from industrial design firm ASTRO Studios in 2006, ASTRO Gaming was built on the principles of marrying technology & lifestyle with innovative Industrial Design. Focused 100% on gaming audio, ASTRO Gaming disrupted the industry when we asked pro gamers at peak performance what they needed in a headset. Because it was designed for...

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MLG Anaheim Open

_H1A0055 (1)
03 Jun

One of our favorite events returns this summer with an official Call of Duty World League LAN, June 10-12th at the MLG Anaheim Open. The Anaheim Convention Center will feature 12 pro Call of Duty Teams along side 96 "amateur" teams battling for a chance to win $100,000 and 10,000 COD World League Pro Points.   CWL Pro Points: This...

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ASTRO x VINCO – South Africa eSports

twitter banner.cdr
01 Jun

Dedicated to the grind, South Africa has a passionate gaming community that's always striving for a new challenge and chance to compete on the world stage. It's been a struggle for the SA scene to gain recognition as contenders in the global ranks, but things are beginning to look up as new competitions & opportunities arise. We've heard their battle...

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Stream Dream: Marketing Yourself

25 May

If you've stuck with me since the beginning you've already learned a few tips to get your feet off the ground and the value of engaging your audience. You are probably wondering what comes next and what can you do to further your development towards becoming a successful streamer. You need to get yourself in front of the...

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ASTRO x Counter Logic Gaming

11 May

We recently signed a partnership with Counter Logic Gaming welcoming them to the Family as an official ASTRO Pro Team! Since then we've had a blast getting to know the athletes, staff and fans of CLG on a personal level as they invited us into their homes & on the road.   After weeks of fun adventures, CLG has...

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Instagram Roundup: April 2016

04 May

Everything great comes to an end, and other deep stuff like that. It's what we all say when a life changing event occurs. We look for a deep, meaningful reason for why things happen the way they do. Here at ASTRO Gaming things are no different. We are closing a chapter here in San Francisco...

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