Yo! Experience what you’ve been missing when using our brand new ASTRO A1 Headset + MixAmp system made for the Sega Genesis system. That 13″ TV can only do so much, but if you really want to turn up your games and listen to the 16-bit sound system built into your console, you’ll want to be using ASTRO products. Providing a ear-shattering 101 decibel load through our 6 channel stereo A1 MixAmp, it’s sure to impress your friends as they come over to play NBA Jam!

Our A1 Headset + MixAmp system is also fully compatible with the XBand network! Crush your enemies in Mortal Kombat II and tell them who’s boss when using our uni-directional, noise canceling mic on the A1 Gaming Headset.

ASTRO premium construction uses really hard plastic with a black glossy finish to match that Genesis look and feel. Complimented by the unmatched comfort and style, our A1 Headset allows for hours of usage for those long gaming sessions. We’re confident that our new gaming line is the sickest stuff out there for console gaming!

-ASTRO Warblade

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  1. Jason

    If you guys at Astro could make this work with Ipods,MP3’s and computer’s, and make it have better noise isolation( meaning the guy sitting next to me wont be able to hear what’s going on inside) I’ll be a definite customer!

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