Geek Magazine recommends the A40 Audio System

Think you got the minerals to be a pro gamer? Then treat your ears to some champion sound with the A40 Audio System from pro gaming manufacturer ASTRO Gaming. The A40 Audio System just oozes style and comes complete with a set of headphones comfy enough for hours of uninterrupted gaming. The detachable mic can be placed on the left or right side using the included magnetic speaker tags.

But the feature-rich A40 MixAmp steals the show. It does 5.1 Dolby Digital decoding from just about any source imaginable. With more ports than a Portuguese winery, the A40 is fully armed with a bevy of connectivity options for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 or digital TV sources.

Connect an MP3 player to pipe in and mix music over your game sounds or use the MixAmp against music or game-world audio. For the win, posse up and link multiple MixAmps together for easy communication at LAN parties.