MLG Pro Circuit Update from Meadowlands, NJ

In case you haven’t heard, we’ll cut to the chase: Triggers Down bounced back from the losers bracket and snatched two straight series wins from Instinct to hoist the Championship Bracket trophy at MLG Meadowlands.

A number of high-seeded hopefuls threw a wrench into the bracketologists’ predictions, namely Believe the Hype and Heaven and Earth. 11th seeded Believe the Hype had a nearly impossible run: knocking Triggers Down, Classic and Str8 Rippin into the losers bracket in consecutive matches.

Tournament favorites Str8 Rippin had a hard time — landing in 4th place, as did Classic, bouncing all the way down to 13th.

The Gears of War 2 bracket was shaken up as well, with 6th seeded LeGaCy taking home the grand prize over the top-seeded MbN: The Business, and 3rd place finisher The NSAN3Z.

Although practice time, game strategy, and luck may have separated these top finishing Championship bracket teams, one common thread tied them all together: every team mentioned in this story used the A40 Audio System to reach the top of their brackets. Every single one.

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