Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Update from Columbus, OH

T-Squared and his ’08 National Champion Str8 Rippin squad have not only
retaken the top of the MLG Pro Circuit hill, but they’ve done so with so
much authority that they will have the entire league going back to the
drawing board. By dropping a mere single game to Triggers Down (in what was
arguably TD’s specialty: CTF on Narrows), Str8 looks poised to take the
mantle of MLG’s perennial favorite, Final Boss, during their virtually
unbeatable Halo 1 and 2 seasons in year’s past. Did someone say ‘Dynasty’?

Despite what a lopsided 6-1 final may indicate, there are arguably more
individually skilled players in the other top five seeded Championship
Bracket teams, and each match-up offers nail-biting game play–but Str8’s
teamwork is second to none. Their level of coordination and team awareness
just wouldn’t be possible without the top-notch communication technology
brought by the A40 Audio System.

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