ASTRO Checks Out PDXLAN 14

This past weekend, I spent my time blowing $#% up left and right at PDXLAN 14 in Portland, Oregon. PDXLAN is one of the west coast’s best choices for hardcore PC gamers. Since 2002, PDXLAN has built Portland’s LAN gaming community, always making the LAN experience as fun as possible.

What I love about PDXLAN:

The People: With only 500 seats, PDXLAN sells out faster than most concerts several months in advance leaving people begging for tickets on the forums.

The attendees rock. Everyone there is chill and just wants to have good time playing their favorite games. If you need help with something, players are more than happy to take the time and get you up and running.

The Contests: Need a break from gaming? Every day, there are little contests for you to enjoy and win prizes. They range from late-night Peggle tournaments, case-mod contests, Michael Jackson Thriller dance contests, water balloon fights, dodgeball, musical chairs, and more. I mean, how can you say no to dodgeball?

The Prizes: PDXLAN gives away thousands of dollars in prizes with each event. You could walk away with fully tricked out systems or new RAM. Pro tip: stay for the final raffle on Monday afternoon. Lots of attendees go home with something awesome (other than a pantload of new t-shirts).

The Food: I dare you to tell me a free BAWLS root bear ice cream float isn’t awesome. Tastes great and will get you super twitchy/caffeinated! Tons of delivery options if you want pizza, wings, whatever. If you want something nicer, go to D-Dish (www.d-dish.com), a website that you can order anything from a full service restaurant and it gets delivered right to the event hall. Oh, and midnight doughnut runs at Voodoo Doughnuts kick ass. Best doughnuts ever.

The Gaming: Everyone’s playing something at all times. Team Fortress 2 seems to still be king of LAN gaming, but classics like Counter-strike, Battlefield 2, and Starcraft still rock the party. One of my personal favorites, Trackmania took over after midnight every night.

The Network: A smoking fast network makes for a successful LAN and the PDX guys know exactly how to set one up. They even rocked full internet access so we could check Facebook in between TF2 rounds. File servers were everywhere and chock-full of drivers and utilities (and other… stuff) in case you have to format your PC at a LAN. Again.

What I Didn’t Like: It’s not in the Bay Area/San Francisco.

To learn more about PDXLAN and sign-up for an awesome gaming event, check out their website at http://www.pdxlan.com/