ASTRO Stan Invades Comic-Con 2009

Every year, tens of thousands of hardcore comic, movie, and video game fans descend upon San Diego’s Comic-Con. Despite being pushed, shoved, and stepped on, there is more than enough awesome to make up for it.

Comic-Con breaks down into two main attractions: star-studded panels and overwhelmingly jammed booths. The convention floor is flooded with hundreds of booths crammed with art, posters, toys, and more. The massive Capcom booth is a great example: they rocked a raised tournament stage, mini-store, and had dozens of Xbox 360s showing off the eyeball-smacking Lost Planet 2 and Dark Void. Some of ASTRO’s favorite gaming comics (Penny Arcade, Red vs Blue, and PurePwnage) arrived with pantloads of exclusive swag and signed anything fans put in front of them (and we mean anything). Comic-Con is also where you’ll find hard-to-get stuff like the Penny Arcade CTS figurine. You know… to match your CTS A40s…hint, hint.

The long lines for Left 4 Dead 2, Brutal Legend, and Lost Planet 2 were totally worth it, and the terrible smell only added to the ambience of “Swamp Fever” — one of the many new maps you’ll find on the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2. This experience also solidified my entirely rational fear of scary, stinky swamps. After a little Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Brutal Legend, I had to go try Capcom’s Dark Void. Two great things about Dark Void: jetpacks and controls that don’t suck. I think I startled the developer when I hugged him.

Comic-Con is nothing if not an orgy of fan-service: I scored the Futurama Complete DVD Collection, the exclusive Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space comics, and some sweet Bioshock 2 toys. The photos of me rolling around with everything in the hotel bed are not for children. [or adults! eww.–ed.]

Let me put it this way: if you are truly a hardcore gaming, comic, or movie fan put Comic-Con 2010 on your calendar–then circle the day with a pink puffy paint pen and bedazzle it–or it will sell out before you can score tickets.

See you there next year!