Upper Playground and ASTRO Gaming reveal new artists!

Upper Playground, the leader in today’s progressive art movement, has teamed up with ASTRO Gaming to release three new Artist Series Speaker Tags for the A40 Audio System!

The three new Speaker Tag sets feature the work of Sam Flores, Munk One, and the classic Upper Playground logo. Flores’ work features his signature characters playing video games, while Upper Playground offers the original logo in a classy, raised design. Munk One’s artistry features the iconic UP Walrus taking over San Francisco in a blaze of glory.

You might have seen Munk One’s work on album covers by Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Bad Religion, and My Chemical Romance. His brand of art can range from fun and whimsical, to dark, irreverent, and politically charged–and often all of the above. You’ll find Munk One’s artwork in fine art galleries around the world, and on a rapidly-growing line of products that we are now proud to be part of.

Sam Flores is an art school evacuee and self-taught illustrator, and has established his place in the modern art movement as a master of fine art and product design. In keeping with the signature styling of his graffiti art background, Flores’ current fine art work carries a voice and vision that is instantly identifiable. In addition to admirers of his original paintings, Sam Flores achieved popular recognition through clothing lines, skateboard and snowboard designs, signature home decor pieces, and a limited edition collection of vinyl toys. His artwork appears regularly in publications such as Juxtapoz, Urb and Wired Magazine.

“This project has enabled both brands to fuse progressive art with the best in video gaming equipment,” said Brett Lovelady, Founder of ASTRO Gaming. “We think video gamers deserve more expressive, relevant style, in addition to the latest technology in their products. And we know Upper Playground’s fans like to play games too. Seems like chocolate and peanut butter all over again.”

The Upper Playground Artist Series Speaker Tags are available now as part of the Upper Playground Edition A40 Audio System (available for $249.95), UP Edition A40 Headset ($199.95) and standalone Speaker Tag sets ($24.95) in limited quantities sold exclusively online at www.astrogaming.com

Twitter Contest!

As a special thank you to our fans, Upper Playground and ASTRO Gaming are giving away one A40 Audio System complete with all three new Upper Playground Artist Series Speaker Tag sets! To enter, fans need to (1) follow both @UpperPlayground and @AstroGaming on Twitter.com; and (2) post a “retweet” with the following text: “Retweet this for a chance to win an @astrogaming A40 Audio System with @upperplayground Artist Series Speaker Tags!” For details on rules of entry, please visit the Upper Playground website.