Stan Goes to Quakecon 2009 Part 2

Man, you missed QuakeCon, didn’t you? With all of the kick-ass exclusives, mind-blowing game demonstrations, hotter than hot QuakeCon girls, and epic final matches, this has been hailed as the biggest and best QuakeCon ever. Continue on to see what other crazy stuff happened!

Splash Damage, the guys behind ET:QW and RTCW: ET were showing off their upcoming team shooter known as Brink. It’s another one of your “Earth gone to sh*t” games where you can pick one of two sides fighting over a last refuge of humanity. Don’t let my sarcasm dissuade you from his game as it’s got some crazy new mechanics like on-the-fly class customization and the ninja-like ability to climb up or slide under whatever is nearby. Think Mirror’s Edge meets Quake Wars.

RAGE is id’s new baby is going a similar route with the post-apocalyptic atmosphere with the new Tech 5 engine which will blow your radioactively mutated mind. You get to have fun with RC controlled bombs, walking sentries, and Mad Max-esque racing, the list goes on. Because comparisons are so much fun, think of RAGE as a combination of GTA4 and Fallout 3.

Don’t forget all the fun little things like mountains of free t-shirts, playing the new Wolfentsein game, Doom Resurrection on the iPhone for $2.99 (which genius me missed too), or getting Quake Live to run on Macs and Linux.

The last and best part of QuakeCon are the uber-mega-ultra-ludicrous tournament finals in the main event hall. Because id is so cool, they provided free chili dogs for all attending the finals, only adding to the rocket launching awesomeness. Congrats go to Team EG for winning the Quake Live CTF, Team Dynamic’s Flysher for winning the Quake Live Open, and sk rapha for winning the Quake Live Masters!

For some unofficial recaps of the CTF and Masters finals, go here!

So yeah, it’s official: QuakeCon 2009 rocked. Who knows, we just might be there next year in a slightly more official capacity…