What are we playing this weekend? 8/21/09

21 Aug

The ASTRO Gaming crew doesn’t just sit around making awesome gaming equipment, sometimes we actually have time to game! Wanna join us? Here’s what we are playing…

With Blizzcon going on this weekend and two my roommates attending, I get to hold down the fort and only read about all the awesome stuff happening. Blizzard just announced the new Diablo III Monk class and it is making me very nostalgic for some hack n’ slash action. Wonder if Battle.net still has my Diablo II character from last year…

Thanks to everyone’s positive remarks about Shadow Complex on our Twitter! It definitely helped in making the game an easy purchase. Apparently Shadow Complex is based off one of Orson Scott Card’s books so it gives this side-scroller some good story and the voice acting is better than most triple-A titles. Personally, I just want to jump around and blow up bad guys all Metroid/Castlevania style.

Gotta get in as much as I can as next week is gonna be pretty hectic. You know, MLG Dallas and all. :)

Because Chrono Trigger DS has been sitting in a UPS warehouse only a few miles for the last 2 days, and won’t be delivered until Monday (Ugh!), I’ll be playing a couple games this weekend, because 1 game is almost never enough to keep my ADD in check.

I’ll be shooting from world to world through space as I make an honest effort (or at least an effort) to finish Mario Galaxy before the sequel arrives. I’ll also be hitting up the final Fallout 3 expansion, Mothership Zeta, which takes place on a giant Spaceship. This is of course after I hit up the sneak preview of James Cameron’s Avatar tonight, set on an alien planet, in space. There’s a theme here somewhere…

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