MLG Pro Circuit Update from Dallas, TX

Despite the sweltering Dallas heat, hundreds of teams descended upon the Hilton Anatole to see who was going to be crowned the best at Halo 3, Gears of War 2, and World of Warcraft. Click below to read more!

Seeds meant barely anything as the #1 seeded and highly popular team Str8 Rippin finished in 4th place after being dropped to the losers bracket by Carbon and eliminated by Instinct. Walshy, the fan favorite pro that recently settled into Carbon, carried the 8th seeded Carbon team all the way through to the championship finals.

In an epic all-out final match against the new Carbon, Triggers Down ignored the audience’s constant cheering for Carbon and snatched the MLG Dallas championship with a winning score of 6-4.

Congrats also go out to AmazYn for taking the Gears of War 2 championship! Other favored Gears teams MbN The Business walked away with 2nd place and NOX Raw Talent took 3rd.

Lastly, congratulations to eMazing Gaming for taking 1st place in WoW 3v3. 2nd place went out to x6tense and 3rd to Complexity.

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