PAX 2009 Update

PAX: Day 2, still alive. While the thousands of gamers storm the entrances of the Washington State Trade & Convention Center, the ASTRO crew is still rockin’ and miraculously still standing. Click below to read more!

Before we get a chance to actually try out all of the kick-ass upcoming games on display here, we got our gorgeous friends at Bungie to hook us up!

Exclusively at PAX 2009, the ASTRO Gaming booth is now demoing the new Mythic Maps for ,Halo 3, Heretic and Citadel. Everyone remembers and loves Midship, right? Now known as Heretic, you can relive all those nostalgic memories of sticking kids with grenades from Halo 2 in this faithful remake.

The new Citadel map, don’t know too much about it just because I’ve been locked behind a counter the entire time, but you can stop by for another few hours and give it a shot!

Stay tuned for a full recap (with pics!) on all the stuff we got to play and see.