What’s ASTRO Playing This Weekend — 10/02/09

My solo sojourn through the barren streets of Halo: ODST’s New Mombasa now draws to a close. I’ve actually been able to savor the campaign quite a bit since I’ve been pleasantly interrupted all week to play through the brutal but insanely fun Firefight mode. Playing against AI is usually a welcome relief from playing against the plain-old-‘I’ of friends and enemies online, but ODST’s computer controlled enemies have gone back to school and graduated magna-cum-laude in Kick Ass.

Trouble is, my crew actually knows the head schoolmaster: Bungie’s own lead AI Programmer Max Dyckhoff. Commonly overheard epithet’s upon death: “Effing Dyckhoff!” and “Goddamn it MAX!”

Sorry for taking your name in vain, buddy.

— Stormy

As Josh so eloquently wrote above, I, too will be rocking some Halo 3: ODST action this weekend. Playing the Firefight mode with 10 different people each night has distracted me from the campaign way too many times. So this weekend, I just need to sit my ass down and finish it.

Actually, one of my favorite things about the Halo 3: ODST single-player campaign is the voice-acting. You’ve got captain Malcom Reynolds, Jayne, and Wash from the Firefly series, and Caprica 6 from Battlestar Galactica; a nerdcore, all-star cast for sure. Props to Bungie for stuffing 20lbs of talent into a 5lb bag.

So yeah. Lots of ODST for me.

— Stanimal

We asked Corey to give us a few sentences on what he was playing this weekend. This was his enthusiastic response:

ODST and/or COD4MW

— Jam Bacula