Announcing New A40 Colors & Mixamp Upgrade

BXR Special Edition: A40 Audio Systems & A40 Headsets – Three New Colors


All BXR Headsets are now sold out. Stay tuned for updates on future special editions.

Express your individuality and check out this fresh new take on the award-winning A40 Headset – the BXR Special Edition – now available in Red, Blue and Military Green. Each new headset color comes with a unique set of BXR SE Speaker Tags, custom designed to highlight your new headset’s eye-catching colorway. And don’t forget the bling. No makeover would be complete without a little shine – so we chrome-painted the grills underneath each tag for that little extra pop.

Better. Faster. Stronger. The New Astro MixAmp is now PS3 compatible out of the box.

The heartbeat of the serious gamer’s audio experience just got an upgrade. Not only did we give the little workhorse a cosmetic refresh, but we added built-in USB voice support for all you PlayStation3 users out there. So say good-bye to your ungainly PS3 USB Mic Adaptors, the new MixAmp™ now receives and sends voice via the included USB-to-Mini USB cable.

As it always has, the new ASTRO MixAmp™ brings games to life with authentic Dolby Digital compatibility and pinpoint-accurate 5.1 channel surround sound. Dolby Headphone transforms any standard pair of headphones into a multi-channel audio experience — without disturbing those around you. Connect your MP3 player through the mixer itself to listen to your favorite music in or out of the game.

The A40 Audio System: BXR Edition ($249.95), BXR Special Edition Headsets ($199.95), and Mixamp ($129.95) are all available immediately at www.astrogaming.com.