ASTRO Gaming Rocks MW2 LA Launch Party

This past Monday night, there was no shortage of awesomeness surrounding the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and ASTRO Gaming was there at the Launch Party at the West LA Best Buy.

Activision was generous enough to bring out MW2 early so everyone could rock out the new Spec Ops multiplayer mode before release. Each Xbox 360 station was beautifully outfitted with the A40 Mixamp and two A40 Headsets linked by our powered splitters. There really isn’t a better way to experience Spec Ops on split-screen. In fact, Scott Lowe from IGN says almost the very same thing in IGN’s Modern Warfare 2 Ultimate Setup.

Sure, NYC had cool stuff too – helicopters, sports stars, Ice-T, fourzerotwo, probably lasers or something ridiculous too. But you know what? We had tanks, APCs and ASTROs too! We also had most of the Infinity Ward crew stop by and sign posters, MW2 covers and whatever else you wanted them to sign. In fact, the IW team was kind enough to sign a few extra items for us so we can give them away to all our loyal ASTRO friends.

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Photo credit goes to Mike Prasad from GirlGamer.com.