ASTRO Gaming Announces New Headset Stand

Picture this. You’re sitting at home, rockin’ it in Modern Warfare 2 and you have to run. Could be your girl/boyfriend texting you to go hang out, dinner might be ready, or you have to meet your friends at a show. You can throw your A40s on your couch, desk or whatever.

…Or you can carefully place you A40s on our sleek new ASTRO Headset Stand, which happens to be made out of SOLID ALUMINUM with a durable bright silver anodized finish and subtly branded with a debossed ASTRO logo. The Stand will keep your A40s safe and sound all while looking awesome. Your friends will come in and marvel at not only your A40 Audio System, but how beautifully it is displayed.

Protect your investment from spills, abrasive wear, Cheeto dust and other desk or tabletop hazards, while displaying your ASTROS with pride with the ASTRO Headset Stand.