Astro MixAmp PlayStation 3 Setup Guide

Using the Astro MixAmp with the PS3

If you have an Original A40 MixAmp (purchased before November 19th 2009), please click here for the Original MixAmp PS3 Setup Guide.

To get the Astro MixAmp going full speed on your Playstation 3, with fully adjustable GAME/VOICE balance control, there are a few simple steps you’ll need to follow.

Cable Connections

Power and Voice:

• Connect the included USB-to-USB Mini ‘B’ cable to an available USB port on the PS3 and attach the other end to the USB input on the MixAmp. This will not only power the MixAmp, but it will also provides the voice channel input and output.

Game Audio:

• To provide the best audio to your MixAmp, we recommend using a TOSlink optical cable (sold separately) for full Dolby® Digital Surround Sound. Connect it directly from the rear of the PS3 to your MixAmp.

• You can also connect your MixAmp to the PS3 via the included RCA cables or from the PS3 AV cable directly to the Left/Right RCA inputs on the back of your MixAmp, providing Dolby ProLogic II Surround Sound via Dolby Heaphone.

• To see the “better” and “best” setup solutions for your PlayStation 3, you can read the Astro MixAmp manual here.

Software Settings

Here’s how to get your PS3 software setup to best work with the MixAmp. Don’t forget to flip through the pictures above as well – we’ve got screenshots of the harder to find menu items that you might otherwise miss.

Go to Settings > Accessory Settings > Audio Device Settings, and make sure that the “ASTRO Gaming USB MixAmp” is recognized and selected for the Input/Output devices.

• You can also set your voice level in this menu screen. The default level is set at three (3) which is ideal for most gamers. We recommend adjusting it so the bar graph on the top just reaches the red section when you speak loudly.

• You can hear how you’ll sound to other players if you go back to the Accessory Settings menu and select the Voice Changer option.

• Go back and double check that you are connected properly and your mic is set to the optimal level if you experience problems.

PS3 Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Settings

If you use a TOSlink optical cable to experience enhanced Dolby Digital 5.1 output from your PS3, you may need to adjust your PS3 settings based on how you connect your PS3 to your display device.


• If you are connecting your PS3 to your TV with an HDMI cable and use an optical cable from the TV to your MixAmp, go to Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings and specify the HDMI output.

• Then manually choose your method of output and select “Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch”. Make sure that “DTS 5.1 Ch” is NOT checked.

• Please note that most TVs are capable of audio HDMI to TOSlink optical pass-through but if you are not sure if your TV supports this option, please contact your TV manufacturer.

TOSlink Optical Cable

• If you are connecting your PS3 to your Astro MixAmp directly with a TOSlink optical cable, go to Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings and specify the Optical Digital output.

• Then select “Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch.” for the output format. Again, make sure that “DTS 5.1 Ch” is NOT checked.

Any questions? Give us a shout at support@astrogaming.com!

Happy gaming!

–The ASTRO Crew