MLG Orlando 2009 Recap

There’s nothing like an MLG championship weekend to completely blow you away with upsets, insanity, and great times.

To start the craziness of the weekend, Florida greeted us with ridiculous frosty lows of 35ºF and even lower wind-chill temperatures. Thankfully the magic of Weather.com helped us come prepared to battle the frozen tundra that was Orlando. Really, we’re not exaggerating.

Despite the record breaking low temperatures, ASTRO Gaming came to MLG Orlando with two of our latest releases, the Scout Backpack and Headset Stand. Both premiered at the ASTRO booth for the first time and completely sold out. We just might have to bring some more next time, don’t you think?

Also new to the ASTRO booth was MLG’s first female pro, Xena who has joined our elite group of ASTRO girls. Be sure to stop by and say hi, maybe even challenge her to a little bit of Halo 3 next time!

The ridiculousness didn’t stop there with some of the biggest upsets seen in MLG history. We’ll let the MLG guys give you all of the championship recaps here. Congrats to our friends in Believe The Hype for taking 1st place in Halo 3 and THE NSAN3Z for winning 1st place in Gears of War 2!

We at Astro Gaming want to extend a huge thanks to our friends at Gunnar Optiks, Dr. Pepper, SEGA and especially every single person at MLG for an amazing 2009 season. If MLG 2010 is half as much fun as this past year, we absolutely can’t wait.

See all of you next season,

– ASTRO Stanimal (aka. Stan)