ASTRO Gaming Introduces ASTRO A30 Cross-Gaming Headset

Calling all loyal ASTRO enthusiasts,

ASTRO Gaming, the creators of premium video gaming equipment for professional gamers, are proud to announce the ASTRO A30 Cross-Gaming Headset, a professional grade cross-gaming platform audio solution for gamers on-the-go.

The A30 is the prototypical cross-gaming headset. With a frequency response tuned to highlight the full spectrum of high, mediums and lows, the A30 can be used across a variety of devices for a variety of purposes. Gaming, listening to music, talking on your phone or through Skype – the A30 does it all, and does it all well.

Features Include:

Balanced, Dynamic Audio Quality: Tuned for a variety of usages including gaming, music and movies, with crystal-clear voice communication and precise surround-sound performance.

Dual Mic System: Removable boom mic for console and PC gaming and Skyping, wired inline mic for taking calls on-the-go.

Incredibly Stylish and Comfortable: Lightweight, on-ear design fashioned to move easily from the office to the living room to the street.

Quick Disconnect System: Ships with 3 swappable cables for mobile, console or PC setups.

Interchangeable Speaker Tags: Choose from a variety of collaborative tags or create your own with the online ASTRO customizer (sold separately).

A30 Audio System: The A30 Headset bundled with a MixAmp for full Dolby 5.1 console play.

Want to learn more? Check out the A40 vs. A30 comparison page or click below:

The A30 Cross-Gaming Headset: (shipping now for $149.95) comes in a choice of a white or black and a set of the new A30 speaker tags

The A30 Audio System: (shipping now $229.95) comes with either a white or black ASTRO A30 Headset, A30 speaker tags, and ASTRO’s versatile MixAmp

Game on. Anywhere.