ASTRO Gaming Named Official Headset Provider for PAX 2010

Two awesome things come together. The A30 Cross-Gaming Headset and Penny-Arcade Expo.

Yep, you heard me. We are the Official Headset Provider for PAX 2010 and to show our PAX love, we’ve outfitted every single free-play LAN PC with our newly released A30 Headsets. We threw a couple A40s in there too so you can check both out.

So it goes like this. If you’re coming to PAX East and want to try out the A30 Headset, just head up to the 3rd Level and check out the free-play LAN PCs. Crank up your choice of a ton of PC games and go nuts.

Then, look for our banner and look for our little gift to PAX attendees. You can’t miss it.

Oh, and if you happen to spot the two guys running around the expo floor wearing A30s with ASTRO t-shirts, that’d be me and Wally. Feel free to say hi! We’d love to meet some of you.


– ASTRO stanimal