ASTRO A30 Review Roundup

The interwebs is buzzing with A30 reviews from gamers, media, and audiophiles alike. Want to read why people everywhere are loving the A30s?

IGN – Astro A30 Gaming Headset Review – 9.7/10

“…in our opinion, every dollar spent is matched with high quality components, top-tier audio performance, and a level of unique style seldom seen in gaming headphones.”

MTV Multiplayer – Astro A30 Headset Impressions

“There’s no question that the A30’s are extremely well-designed (assuming you lack a huge head with equally huge glasses) and great sounding. There aren’t many high quality headset solutions out there designed with gamers in mind, so Astro is left standing mostly alone in this field, and does an admirable job.”

CNET Crave – Astro A30 gaming headphones: All-in-one solution for mobile gadget users

“We tried out a pair of A30 headphones for a good week and a half, and even without the MixAmp the audio quality was better than expected, and certainly good enough for use with an iPhone or other player.”

Complex – Gear of War: Astro A30 Headphones

“For what they deliver, though—top-tier gaming audio that’s versatile enough to work as amazing street and work headphones—it’s a small price to pay. Whether you’re in the market for gaming cans or just a new set of general-use ones, these are worth the price.”

G Style Magazine – Astro Gaming’s A30 Cross-Gaming Headset Review

“I should mention that audio quality on the Astro A30 is excellent. Audio is clear and crisp. There is just the right amount of treble without it being piercing and the bass is nice and deep.”

the macfeed – Review: Astro A30 Cross-Gaming Headset

“You will be amazed every time you put them on, and that is why we recommend the Astro A30 cross-gaming headset.”

Loud Mouthed Gamers – Astro Gaming A30 Audio System Review – 9/10

“Its sound is crystal clear, its lightweight, its price is reasonably cheap, but really? Its definitely worth the money spent.”

They just keep on pouring in… stay tuned for more reviews as they come in!

– ASTRO stanimal