ASTRO Gaming At E3 2010

A brave and daring crew from ASTRO Gaming will be at E3 2010 in Los Angeles, California from June 15th through the 17th to help some of the top game publishers make sure their games sound nothing short of amazing.

That and bunches of meetings of course, but that’s not terribly exciting. What is exciting is the where we’ll be at the E3 exhibition floor!

Check it out:

Konami – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker A30’s on PSP game kiosks

IGN/Sprint Booth – In front of the South Hall featuring A30 Audio Systems for Transformers: War for Cybertron mutiplayer and Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s upcoming Onslaught Mode

EA – A30 Audio Systems at the Medal of Honor media demo room

SEGA – A30 Audio Systems on all Vanquish game kiosks

G4TV Booth – All high-end Origin PC’s in the booth feature A30 headsets

Capcom – The Capcom Community Team will be using A30’s to live stream E3 to their community at:



Konami – On-going sweepstakes for MGS:PW A30’s and Scout backpacks

OnLive – Daily sweepstakes for custom OnLive A30’s and Scout backpacks

EA – Daily sweepstakes for custom Crysis 2 A30 Audio Systems

We may not have a crazy two-story booth with epilepsy inducing light shows and crazy trapeze stuff but we’re there. We’re SO there.

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– ASTRO stanimal