Major League Gaming: Columbus

MLG Columbus has been one of the most entertaining events the past two years both in and out of the convention center. The Greater Columbus Convention Center is located in the heart of Columbus as well as the OSU campus. The venue is surrounded by restaurants, shops, and a healthy array of things to do in the evenings after the event doors close. If you ever find yourself in Columbus, you won’t need to wander far to find some entertainment.

Inside the venue, we welcomed back the Halo 3, Tekken 6, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and WoW competitions to the event. The WoW community was excited to be back at the main events and ready to make some noise. With the help of the ASTRO Gaming MixAmp, the WoW broadcast team was able to add the ASTRO sponsored “Listen In” segments to the broadcast for the first time. This has been a feature that the Halo community has had for the past few years, which allows at home viewers to listen to the team chat audio during the broadcast. If you haven’t heard this feature yet, it’s a great way to learn callouts and team tactics from the pros.

Congrats go out to Team Instinct for their back-to-back event wins for Halo 3. The weekend was a hard fought battle for many of the attending teams, with some high profile upsets, culminating in a second encounter between Instinct and Final Boss in the finals on championship Sunday. FB made a great push in the finals, and kept each nail biting round close with nearly every kill resulting in an energetic outburst from the crowd. In the end Instinct proved that their win in Orlando was no fluke, and that they will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

We would also like to send out a special acknowledgement to Cloud, who enters a short list of MLG Pros who have won three events in a row.