Transformers: WFC Press Event

This past Wednesday night, Activision and High Moon Studios brought their epic events team to absolutely rebuild the ASTRO Studios/Gaming first floor.

What resulted was a sweet setup so they can show all the gaming media all about their upcoming Transformers: War for Cybertron game. And dayum, did it look good. Even StarScream could appreciate the classiness.

24 Xbox 360’s and 3 PS3s were brought all with 42″ TVs and A30 Audio Systems so all your favorite gaming journalists can kick Autobot or Decepticon ass and hear ever little detail in surround-sound beauty.

Can’t comment on the game too much because the journalists got the priority but I can seriously compliment the High Moon crew on their work with Unreal Engine 3. That and the voice-acting was dead on, bringing me back to my childhood days of the original Transformers cartoons. I’m so a sucker for all that stuff.

Anyhow, we got some photos up from the event on our Facebook page here so go check it out and “Like” us too!

– ASTRO stanimal