ASTRO A30 Review Roundup 2: The Return

With more and more reviewers getting their hands on the A30s, we’re getting nothing but enthusiastic responses. Take a look at some of the recent reviews!

geek.com – Review: Astro Gaming A30 surround sound gaming headset

“The Astro A30 is an impressive audio system. It takes something that should be simple, but is actually rather complex, and makes it painless.”

Co-Optimus – Astro A30 Headset Review – 5/5

“Actually the first thing you’ll notice is just how well everything is packaged, the presentation will remind you of an Apple product with your product laid to rest in quality boxes and padding.”

“I can honestly say the A30s are the best quality headsets I’ve ever used.”

SFX-360 – Astro A30 Headsets Review

“You can hear everything going on including distant sounds as well as the approaching footsteps of anyone looking for a cheap knife kill. That’s right suckers…I can hear you now!”

360sync – Music To My Ears – Astro A30 Headset Review

“Never one to really delve into the depths of high-performance audio equipment, I never realized how the right headset could single-handedly transform an ordinary gaming session into an experience. The Astro A30′s do just that.”

GamesFocus.ca – ASTRO Gaming A30 Audio System Review

“However, what ASTRO offers here is one of the best audio experiences I have had in the past few years.”

Kombo.com – Feature: Astro A30 Audio Gaming System

“The cool thing is that the A30 is so versatile, it will plug into nearly every device imaginable. I was surprised at how crisp and clear all the sounds came through, and this was even before I plugged in the MixAmp.”

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