ASTRO Releases A30 MLG Special Edition

Dear MLG rockstars, pros, amateurs, fans, etc,

Today we’re happy (more like ecstatic) to announce that we’ve launched our award-winning A30 Cross-Gaming headset in an MLG Special Edition! This means that all the on-ear, awesome-sounding, extra bassy goodness can be enjoyed with the sexy red, white and blue MLG logo.

We’ve put together the following for you:

A30 MLG Audio System (Includes the headset and MixAmp)
A30 MLG Headset (Perfect if you already have the MixAmp)
A30 MLG Speaker Tags (Rep the MLG if you already have A30s)

Why did we do this just now? You asked for it! After tons of feedback from the MLG community and forums, we decided to answer the call and go for it. There were also some biz stuff about supply and demand or something.

Don’t let the A30’s mobility fool you. These babies can still give you that competitive edge while letting you use them on all your other gear too. And you gotta admit, they look pretty baller.

Oh, yeah. This also means that A30 Headsets and Audio Systems will now be available at all MLG events too. Pretty sweet, right?

– ASTRO stanimal