Major League Gaming Denver Combine

One of the amazing things about the MLG/Doritos Combine events is the mix of fresh energy and excitement that all of these new players bring when they walk in the doors. For many of the participants, the combine events are their first experience into the world of Major League Gaming.

It’s easy to forget what your first event feels like a few years into it. The wonder, excitement, and anticipation that overwhelms you when you take that first step into the venue and begin to absorb the experience as you realize exactly where you are: surrounded by people who share your passion. It’s refreshing to watch the faces of the “fresh meat” as they quickly adjust to life in the pits, and realize that they aren’t on Xbox Live anymore. Many players crack under the new pressures that being at a live event brings, and it gives the opportunity for some to shine.

The first day was filled with the Free-For-All(FFA) competition. This focuses on the lone wolf style of play, and gives the opportunity for players to show off their raw talent against other players. FFA play can get a bit messy and opportunistic, but it is seriously fun to watch. Much like college sports recruiters, some of the MLG pro players attend the event to watch for impressive new talent. As the scouts observed players doing something skillful throughout the day, they received a notation. Those players who received those notations were given a chance to sit down before the pros and get observed with some 1:1 time. As the night went on, and players dwindled, familiar faces began to emerge victorious such as Adrenaline, Amish Acorns, and Str8 Sick. In the end it was Amish Acorns that walked away the winner once again proving that he’s going to continue to be a force to reckoned with at the main events.