MLG Walshy’s Photoshoot at ASTRO

Just last week, MLG’s favorite player Walshy flew into San Francisco for a photoshoot with our mutual friends at Red Bull. What better place could there be to have this shoot other than at ASTRO Gaming?

Now here’s the totally awesome part and it’s going to make you really freakin’ jealous. As you can clearly see, Walshy is now sporting a custom set of Red Bull A40s. When I first saw them, I was like “Dayum dude.” Even I was totally envious and I work here. The even cooler thing about the headset is that it was painted by the guy that actually does the Red Bull racing helmets. Doesn’t get much more legit than that kids.

Also, don’t forget to catch the last day of Walshy and his crew prepping for MLG Raleigh on Red Bull USA’s live stream!

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– ASTRO stanimal