MLG’s 50th Event Celebration

This weekend’s tournament at Raleigh happens to be a very special event for Major League Gaming. They get to check off a pretty big milestone in their history, their 50th event. To help them celebrate the special occasion, we are bringing a plethora of fun stuff to this event for the first time:

Attendees to the MLG Raleigh event this weekend will get the opportunity to check out the new MLG A30 Audio System, as well as the BXR Edition A40 Audio System. Both of which, have never previously been able to be purchased at any live event. You’ll get a chance to try and compare the two different headsets head to head at our 2v2 station featuring Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2, and Transformers: War for Cybertron throughout the weekend.

As many of you know, for each event, we do a limited collectors run of event specific speaker tags. We’ll have the Raleigh event tags on both black and white speaker tags, but we also cooked up another super collectible set to celebrate this milestone. For the 50th event, we did a batch of 50 A40 speaker tag sets featuring the special 50th event logo. Again, we only printed 50 of these commemorative sets, and fully expect them to sell out quickly. Be sure to come swing by the booth early if you’ll be at the show.

Additionally, we brought back the A40 MLG Pro Team Speaker Tag sets from some of the top teams. Show your support for your favorites in style as we’ll have limited quantities of tags from: Str8 Rippin’, Final Boss, Instinct, Carbon, Believe the Hype, and Status Quo.

We somehow also managed to pull the last few MLG Mission Bags from our inventory for this event as well. These are stocked out online, but we’ll have a few available at the ASTRO Booth for those of you that make the journey to the “City of Oaks”. Did you know Raleigh is jam packed with Oak trees? We didn’t until we got here.

Did I mention that we’re also treating every event attendee like a pro player? That’s right… for those of you attending the event(or know someone that is), you’ll also get to score these new headsets at the same discounted prices that the pros get. That’s a rock solid 20% discount from our regular prices.

On a side note, during setup we also had a chance to scope out the Sony booth which will be giving 3D Killzone 3 demos all weekend. In a word: amazing. I’ll bet you wish you would have bought that spectator pass now eh?