Tested.com’s 7 High-end Gaming Headset Roundup

The recently launched tech review Tested.com, featuring top industry talent from Maximum PC and other outlets, have poured hours of soul-breaking effort into their latest headset roundup.

In “7 High-End Gaming Headsets Tested and Reviewed!”, editor and tech extraordinaire Will Smith ripped through the leading headset manufacturer’s highest-end products. Naturally, our A40 Audio System and A30 Audio System were included and pitted against the best that Tritton, Turtle Beach, Steel Series and Razer had to offer.

Now we have a strict policy where we don’t knock our competitors. That’s not classy, ya know? If we ever compare ourselves to a competing product, it’ll be biased no matter what we do. That’s why we encourage you to do some of your own research or check out our reviews archive on this very same blog.

So this is where you should read what Tested.com had to say about us and make your own decisions. You’re smart and an independent thinker. I can SO tell.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to hit up our Forums or Support Team!

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– ASTRO stanimal