Wired Gamelife Blog Reviews Scout Backpack

The brilliant folks at Wired Gamelife took some time to see how you as a the gamer can truly take advantage of this versatile mofo of a backpack. Yes, I totally said versatile.

To be more specific, Gus Mastrapa, a fellow Scott Pilgrim fan and PC gamer, put the Scout Backpack through the freakin’ paces. The man filled it up with a laptop, books, a Nintendo DS, gaming accessories, and still had room for his A30 headset.

To quote:

“Created by Astro Gaming, purveyor of high-end gaming headphones, the Scout Backpack is designed with the gamer in mind. From the outside, the bag appears modest. But inside, it is lined with a buttery fabric that softly cradles all your gear.”

Want to read more? Click here for the full review!

– ASTRO stanimal