ASTRO Named Official Headset of WCG 2010 World Finals

This just in!

ASTRO Gaming, furthering their position as the leader in premium video gaming equipment for professional gamers, have been named the official headset Partner for the World Cyber Games Grand Finals, a competition that will draw thousands of professional competitors from more than 60 countries to the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 30th to October 3rd.

With us being the official headset partner, we’ll provide WCG competitors with our award-winning A30 Headsets. This means competitors will be wreckin’ their way to the top with superior audio quality and crystal-clear voice communication capabilities which are naturally critical to competitive game play.

“Since WCG gamers are judged on their performances, it’s crucial for them to find the most advanced tools that can drive results,” said Bruce Loeb, Senior Vice President and General Manager of World Cyber Games. “It’s difficult to come across a device that’s flexible enough for each gamer to adapt and adopt, so we’re looking forward to these ASTRO Gaming headsets enhancing gamers’ experiences.”

Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Well, maybe if I spent a few weeks on it but I’m not going to because what Bruce said pretty much nails it.

Not going to WCG Grand Finals in LA? ASTRO Xarion will be there updating the ASTRO Gaming Twitter and Facebook so make sure you’re following us on both!

– ASTRO stanimal