Dolby PAX 2010 Contest Picks ASTROs

We all love contests and giveaways, right? Definitely adds to the fun at PAX, you know, walking away with a ton of sweet swag and free expensive stuff. This past PAX, our friends at Dolby put on a little contest with a lot of buttons…

Basically, you had to go to all of the booths of Dolby’s headset partners and grab up a button. Catch them all and you’d be entered into a drawing to pick a headset from any of the participating headset manufacturers.

The winner, Rob “kyrereid” Wenstrand had this to say when he picked our A40 Audio System as his choice of gaming headset over our competitor’s offerings:

“I’m pretty excited about getting the A40. I’ve actually looked at a number of different headsets the last couple of months and yours was the most comfortable and reviewed well for audio quality. It’s actually a product I have been looking at getting for a while. I’ve looked at wireless headsets and decided I don’t really want the hassle of having to charge yet another item.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Congrats to Rob for winning and props to him for making the right call!

– ASTRO stanimal