MLG Raleigh Event Recap

It seems these days that each event brings new twists and turns on the circuit as upsets are in no short supply when it comes to Halo 3. Many of the top rated teams were taken aback by amateur teams still clawing at the opportunity to make a name for themselves. With Halo 3 winding down and Halo Reach quickly approaching the circuit, there is a new energy radiating from the players, and many are eager to start something new. However, one of the resounding themes I heard as I was talking to different pro players over the weekend is that there needs to be a focus from all of the players on finishing out the season with the same level of passion for Halo 3 that was there two years ago. Final Boss proved over this very special weekend that same level of passion still courses through them as they dominated the circuit, reclaiming the status that goes along with their team name.

FB definitely had an agenda walking into this event: dethroning Instinct in their attempt to take home their third consecutive championship. Instinct pushed back, and fought a great battle in the finals, but in the end it just wasn’t quite enough. This loss for Instinct will only continue to add fuel to the rivalry, and the next event in DC is sure to be one to watch as these teams both have something to prove.

For the first time since it’s addition to the pro circuit, I kept hearing a consistent and extraordinarily high level of cheering coming from the Tekken stage. Apparently those guys from Atlanta are abundantly proud of their Tekken skills and were fervently cheering each other on throughout the weekend. It created quite the spectacle, and brought many of the event attendees who were there for some of the other games over to check out the action.

I’d say that the celebration for the 50th MLG Event in Raleigh this past weekend was an overwhelming success. Each of the headline games had a great crowd there participating and supporting, highlighting that this 50th event definitely won’t be the last milestone the MLG celebrates. With chart breaking stream views across the board, many of you who couldn’t attend also helped to make this an event to remember. See you all in DC!