MLG Dallas National Championships

The National Championships for Major League Gaming are quickly approaching and with the onslaught of preparation and mental planning that comes with it. Many of the top competing teams are pouring in hour after of hour of practice and reviewing matches trying to anticipate what their opponents will be doing as they duke it out for the biggest prize pool of the year.

If you’re a MLG Halo 3 follower, you probably already are aware that many of the top teams head over to The LAN Network to engage in their preparation before the tournament. They have live coverage of the event via streaming video as well a fantasy league you can participate in. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to check them out, swing by their site to watch some of the feed. Before Dallas, they are hosting six of the eight teams competing: Believe the Hype(6), Carbon(8), Final Boss(1), Instinct(2), Status Quo(4), and Triggers Down(3). The two teams missing from the LAN are: Dynasty(5) and Warriors(7).

In addition to Halo 3 at the MLG Dallas Finals, you’ll be able to check out Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tekken 6, StarCraft 2, and Halo Reach. All of these teams will be competing for over $700,000 in prizes. If you can’t make it to the event in person, be sure to check out the stream from home at mlgpro.com.

ASTRO will be there with our full booth experience and have the majority of our products available for purchase. We will also have display units of our newly announced Wireless MixAmp 5.8 and A*STAR IN-Ear Headset. We will likely not have these units available for demonstration purposes for this event, but check in with us at the event to see if we were able to secure a few demonstration units at the last minute.