MLG Washington DC 2010

With the last of the regular season events of the Major League Gaming season starting tomorrow, there’s an overwhelming sense of uncertainty bubbling up around the league. With Halo 3 officially winding down on the circuit, there are some disheartened to see it go, and there are many that are eagerly anticipating the kickoff of the newly launched Halo: Reach.

D.C. will host the first Reach competition within the MLG circuit which will officially kick off next season as the headline game. With the recent launch of this new version of Halo, Bungie had implemented quite a variety of changes in the style of play. Yes, it’s still Halo, but with Jetpacks, Invisibility, and Holograms! All of which add an entirely new element to the style that these players have grown familiar with.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the MLG will incorporate(or eliminate) some of the new features for this game as they adapt this game for the next season. You can bet that the way it’s played this weekend will likely not be how it’s played in 2011.

Watch for our recap after the show!