ASTRO Named For A Bunch of CES 2011 Innovation Awards

The elite and absurdly wise CES 2011 Judges Panel took the time to rip through thousands of electronics that were released over the last year. That doesn’t sound like too much until you realize they picked only the very best in 35 different categories for their 2011 Innovation Honorees.

So you click that link above and you’ll see the 35 categories I was talking about. First, hit the Headphones category and you’ll see our upcoming entry into the in-ear market, the A*STAR In-ear Headset. To quote them: “It builds off ASTRO’s bold gaming aesthetic creating a distinguishable/ownable visual icon.” Aww yeah.

Next up is the A30 Headset which they correctly nailed as “…the ultimate Cross-Gaming headset – designed specifically to move freely between mobile, console and PC gaming platforms across all forms of digital entertainment.”

The fun don’t stop as our MixAmp 5.8 was also added as an Innovation Honoree under the Electronic Gaming Hardware category. They had this to say about our jump into wireless gaming: “The ASTRO MixAamp 5.8 is a must have for any gamer who demands the best in gaming audio and the freedom of an un-tethered headset.”

Man, I feel the love. Can’t you?

– ASTRO stanimal