ASTRO 2010 Holiday Shipping Promo

We’re going to be extending our “Christmas Arrival Shopping Date” with ground shipping all the way through December 21st. This basically means that you can place your order with Ground Shipping up until December 21st at 12PM PST and you’ll get it just in time for Christmas! Ain’t that just grand?

This promotion applies to all orders placed within the 48 States in the USA. For example, you can order from the East Coast (or what some like to refer to as the “Beast Coast”) by 21st (12PM PST) and you’ll get your order before Christmas. International shipments unfortunately don’t apply.

If you’re past the 21st, be sure to check out the shipping calendar above to figure out the best option for your holiday arrival.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our new wireless options and the A*STARs! Order that special something for that special someone. Or yourself. We won’t judge.

*Please note: Acts of god, weather, alien invasions, and other extraordinary situations may cause delays. We ship via our most reliable shipping partner, FedEx and will do everything we can to deliver like Santa Claus or whatever other holiday superhero you believe in.

Happy Holidays yo!

– ASTRO stanimal