ASTRO 2010 Holiday Updates

Dear ASTRO holiday survivors,

Congratulations. You’ve survived the insanely huge dinners, the “awesome” relatives, the cheek pinching, and spending way too much money on buying gifts.

Despite all your holiday shenanigans, the time to act on our wireless gear is now. Introductory pricing on our wireless products will end at midnight on 12/31/2010! Our new pricing will be as follows:

MixAmp 5.8 – Now $99.95, will be $139.95
A30 Wireless System – Now $199.95, will be $229.95
A40 Wireless System – Now $249.95, will be $279.95

That basically means you need to hurry up or you can’t complain when you trip over your wires again. Go order your wireless system today!

Take a deep breath and relax as New Years is coming – and so is the PS3 Chat Cable for our (Wireless MixAmp 5.8) and all three colors of our new A*STAR In-ear Headsets. All are currently back in stock now for your post-Christmas purchasing demands.

Lastly, for all you folk in the United Kingdom, just a friendly reminder that the UK VAT will be increasing from 17.5% to 20% on 1/4/2011.

Got any questions? Hit us up on our Forums, Twitter or Facebook!

– ASTRO stanimal