ASTRO Announces A40 2011 Edition

Greetings ASTRO compatriots,

ASTRO Gaming is stoked with excitement about our release of the 2011 Edition of the award-winning A40 Gaming Headset! Coming in the classic white and black colors, the ASTRO team listened to the MLG pro players and hardcore gamers alike to add the features they’ve been asking for. Still sporting 40mm drivers perfectly tuned with ASTRO Audio, the A40 2011 Edition delivers every detail of your gaming, movie, or music experience so you can game like a pro more than ever before.


New and Improved Microphone – When you’re on the MLG main stage with thousands of dollars on the line, you need your mic to stay put to hear your teammates clearly while blocking out the roaring crowds (or your roommates snoring at home). The A40 2011 Edition features a new and improved microphone that picks up your voice flawlessly, filters out the cheering fans and stays exactly where you place it.

Enhanced Audio and Comfort – Already boasting the most comfortable ear cushions available in a gaming headset, we set out to block more outside noise and deliver more bass without losing the richly detailed positional audio the A40s are known for. After numerous tests with MLG pros during the heat of the 2010 season, the new A40 2011 ear cushions sound better than ever, sealing you off from outside distractions and adding a little more boom to your explosions.

Signature ASTRO Construction – The A40 has set the standard for quality and performance since its introduction in 2008. The 2011 Edition continues this tradition of excellence with unsurpassed durability, flexibility, adjustability and of course our exclusive Quick Disconnect cabling system.

Multi-Platform Solution – Like all ASTRO headsets, the A40 2011 Edition enriches your audio experience no matter what console you game on or which audio devices you use. For the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, simply pair your A40’s with our wired MixAmp™ or wireless MixAmp™ 5.8 for a complete console solution. The A40, MixAmp™ and MixAmp™ 5.8 are also perfect for your PC, Mac, iPhone, Smartphone, iPad or anything else with a standard headphone jack.

Upgrade Your Current A40s – If you already own an A40 Headset, never fear. ASTRO will soon be releasing a tournament upgrade kit consisting of new ear pads and a new microphone, enabling all A40 owners to take advantage of the latest enhancements to the A40 product line.

The A40 2011 Edition is ready to ship today (1/18/2011) on all A40 Headsets, A40 Audio Systems and A40 Wireless Systems. A40 Tournament Upgrade Kits will be available soon.

– ASTRO stanimal