ASTRO @ GDC 2011

Every year, GDC, Game Developer’s Conference totally takes over San Francisco’s downtown area at the Moscone Convention Center. Why do we love it? Cuz it’s like 4 blocks away from the ASTRO offices and we don’t have to go far for all the awesome panels, parties and other various shenanigans.

What is GDC? It’s the Games Developer’s Conference that is put on several times a year in different parts of the world for recruitment, networking, and education in the video game industry. All your favorite publishers, developers, and hardware companies setup recruitment booths and key industry figures put on tons panels talking about all different types of game design. Now if you’re lucky, you can get into some of the ridiculous parties that happen each night (my favorite part).

One very cool thing about GDC is all the reveals and press events that happen throughout the show. One such event happened to focus around Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Play4Free. ASTRO Xarion and I were fortunate enough to attend as well as provide A30 Headsets for BFP4F demo stations. Unfortunately we can’t say too much or show any pictures, but rest assured that BF3 looks shockingly gorgeous and it’s sound will absolutely blow out your eardrums. In a good way.

We also hooked up our friends at SONY with A30 Audio Systems to make sure their showcase could properly demonstrate how great all the upcoming PS3 exclusive titles sound.

Yeah, yeah, we know we can’t tell you all the deets on the sweet games coming out this year but stay tuned for PAX East coverage cuz there, we’ll get to talk about EVERYTHING we see.

– ASTRO stanimal