In case you heard some rumors…

30 Apr

Yes, ASTRO Gaming is joining the Skullcandy experience and headlining as their premium brand of video game equipment. Skullcandy recognizes the strong influence of video gaming in their youth-driven, high-energy world and sees the ASTRO brand as a core part of their growing family. Fueled by Skullcandy’s scale and global reach, ASTRO is about to receive a turbo boost – enabling it to continue providing the high-end gear to professional and elite gamers worldwide.

We know you have questions and we’ll have all the answers soon. What’s important for you to know is that this is an opportunity for us to keep improving the video gaming experience on all levels.  We’ll still be the ASTRO you know and love, just harder, better, faster, stronger…

Stay tuned for more details.

– ASTRO stanimal

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