Another E3 has come and gone, and the ASTRO staff team was out in force for this one. We had a foot crew of ten people helping to support the 600 headsets that we had on the show floor being used by some of the biggest and hottest companies in the gaming industry. Not that we’re bragging or anything, but we had the opportunity to work with some of our favorite partners like: Sony, Ubisoft, Capcom, THQ, Square Enix, Sega, Perfect World, Telltale Games, Deep Silver, Activision, EA, and Konami to help them bring their games and products to the next level by allowing event attendees to get an amazing audio experience by using the A30 and A40 Audio Systems in their booths.

Fortunately out foot crew also had an opportunity to explore the show floor for a bit and get some demos of many of the new upcoming titles. There’s so much to see and do at E3 that it’s nearly impossible to check it all out, but we tried. After exploring the show floor for three days, we thought that we would share the top three anticipated titles from a few of our staff members who were able to get some quality demos in. Here’s what we loved:

    Randall “Warblade” Wong: Forum Moderator

Battlefield 3
– This game looks and plays great, and I haven’t touched PC gaming in years, but I’m dead set on getting a new PC just to play this game!
Batman: Arkham City – A neat sequel to the last game, bringing Batman out on the streets of Gotham. They made Catwoman as a new playable character, which should make for plenty of new moves and different ways to play.
Fruit Ninja Kinect – While the game has been out on iOS for over a year, this is the first release for a major console. It uses Microsoft’s motion sensor Kinect where “You are the Controller” and your arms are the blades. Two player mode is hilariously fun, I only wish they took photos or videos of the action.

    Stan “Stanimal” Press: Community Marketing Manager

Battlefield 3 – Looks beyond amazing, sounds phenomenal, exactly what the FPS scene needs right now. Something to set a new standard for shooters and that’ll BF3.
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – Low-key indie XBLA game that will definitely win some awards for its fresh take on an arcade game with its original gameplay and gorgeous design. Keep an eye out for this one this summer.
Mass Effect 3 – The best combination of sci-fi, role playing and 3rd-person action. Rarely does such a backstory to a game’s story actually rival the likes of Star Wars and other top sci-fi franchises.

    Chris “Cha” Chang: Graphic Designer

Battlefield 3 – I’m ready for a new FPS, and this game is beautiful. Hands down my favorite.
Dead Island – In wait of a RPG zombie game, I’m looking forward to this one.
Star Wars: The Old Republic – Finally, could this be the MMORPG I have been waiting for? One to commit myself to and I believe will fill that void.

    Gernard Feril: Gaming Category/Product Manager

PS Vita – OK, I know, this is cheating, it’s not really a title, but the fact that I spend more time away from my home town and on planes, I’m super excited to have a device with that much power that can travel around with me.
Ninja Gaiden 3 – This one just brings me back to my childhood…I was amazed at how fast and fluid the game play was, and I’ll admit, I’ve always wanted to be a ninja…
Battlefield 3 – I was only mildly excited for this title when I first heard about it coming, as FPS’s aren’t my top game of choice, but after seeing the demo, I was converted…it was AMAZING…

    Walter “Xariun” Duccini: Event Manager

Battlefield 3 – I mean, seriously, what’s not to love here?
Dead Island – I really enjoyed the realistic sense of ammo conservation and weapon diminishment that happened. I’m also a sucker for the zombie apocalypse.
Prototype 2 – Honestly, I didn’t get a chance to sneak into the media room and see it, but I played the crap out of the first one, loving every minute of it. Pair that with the idea that the main character is now the bad guy that you are hunting after building him all the way up, is just awesome to me.

The one thing that is for sure is that Battlefield 3 will definitely be sneaking its way into the work day at ASTRO Gaming!

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-ASTRO Xarion