ASTRO @ E3 2011

Every year, the world’s eyes turn to E3 to see all the raddest gaming news and announcements. Now as you can imagine, there’s going to be a ton of games shown off. Stuff that you know about, stuff that you don’t know about but want to know about, etc. That kind of stuff.

The fact is that when all those fancy PR people need to demo their games, gaming audio is critical to the experience. How better to provide that experience than ASTRO Gaming’s A30 and A40 Audio Systems?

That’s why you’ll be able to demo our gear on the best upcoming games in the following booths:

– Sony
– Ubisoft
– EA
– Capcom
– Perfect World
– Activision
– Sega
– Deep Silver
– Square Enix
– Telltale Games
– Konami

The world’s top publishers and developers know what the deal is. If you want the best audio for your gaming, you go with ASTRO. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for E3 updates as we go.

– ASTRO stanimal