Now announcing the A30 Silver Edition, you can get the cross-gaming powerhouse of a headset with 6 brand-new exclusive speaker tag designs or make your own with your artwork at our tag customizer. Be sure to check out the new artwork cuz I’m totally calling dibs on the Argyle and Creatures designs.

You can switch on the fly from game play, text & voice as you run through life. You also get a sweet multi-function button that can answer/hang-up calls, start/stop music or fast-forward/rewind tracks. In case you weren’t sure or forgot, the A30’s are perfectly compatible with iPads, iPods, iPhones (iPhone 3 and later models), along with PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other media devices. That’s a lot of stuff man.

The A30 Silver Edition is only $129.95 with one set of exclusive Studio Tags or make your daily fashion statement by adding more tags for just $19.95.

– ASTRO stanimal