We’re super excited to work with our friends at Square-Enix to bring you this awesome Deus Ex: Human Revolution contest! So, what you do is get your snazzy iOS device with a camera (like an iPhone, iPod, iPad), download the free app from this link, and take a picture of the QR code in the above image.

Now if you scan the other QR codes hidden all over the interwebs and the entire community reaches 1 Million points, every participant will get a DX:HR Xbox 360 Avatar prop or a PSN Home companion. Hit up the Deus Ex: HR Facebook Page to find more QR missions.

Now this is the part where you’re gonna be interested. If you can get all 21 QR codes, 10 lucky winners will walk away with a kick-ass prize package that includes the following:

1) Custom Deus Ex: Human Revolution ASTRO A40 Wireless Systems
2) 1 copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition (Console of choice)
3) 1 Square Enix Products PLAY ARTS -KAI- Adam Jensen Action Figure
4) Limited Edition Deus Ex: Human Revolution Compression Sleeves

So what are you waiting for? Scan that QR code and find the rest!

– ASTRO stanimal


Must have access to an iOS device with a built in camera. Open to Residents of the US and Canada, must be 17 years or older, and if under 18 entrants must have parental consent. Entrants must be registered by connecting to facebook.