We over at ASTRO Gaming have gone through a little growth spur and you may have seen some talk and posts by two new members of our team. We wanted to let you know just a little more about our team that’s been working with the community, out at events, or posting some sweet news over our social networks.

This is ASTRO Warblade (^W), the new Community Manager for ASTRO and I’ll be handling much of the Social Media, ASTRO Community Forums, and rockin’ out at the different events we support meeting gamers and our community. I’ve been involved with ASTRO for almost two years working as our Forum Moderator and supporting at events. I come from a long time gaming background playing mainly FPS games, but also have much love for RPGs and the guitar/band genre.  If you want to throw down a challenge, play me in Quake 2. 😉

While I’ll be handling the Community Manager responsibilities, ASTRO stanimal (^S), has shifted roles and will be working with our partner companies and affiliates. He will be making sure that we always have some nice giveaways from the best game developers and studios in the business. You’ll want to make sure you’re following us on Twitter or Facebook for random DLC code giveaways.

Our latest addition is ASTRO Nexy (^N), as our Content Coordinator. He worked at MLG in NYC producing videos and at MLG events as a Video Director of one of the main stage broadcasts. Additionally, he has worked as on-camera talent along side some of the largest gaming personalities. With ASTRO, Nexy will be working with some of the top talent in eSports, making and producing some sweet videos for our site. As a former Pro-Gamer, he is better than you and your friends at video games.

Lastly, ASTRO Xariun  (^X), is still heading up everything events related as our Events Manager. ASTRO’s a big supporter of eSports and  you’ll often find Xariun at the events early getting the booth all setup or supporting the event however he can. You’ll often see some tweets of event pictures and behind the scenes looks show up on our social media pages.

-ASTRO Warblade