The staff over at ASTRO Gaming not only creates some of the best video game equipment around, but we also live by the philosophy of “Work Hard, Play Hard.” We’re going back to our roots of sorts of letting you know what games we’ve been getting into recently. Every couple of weeks, we’ll highlight some of our staff and the games they’ve been playing till the wee hours of the night.

Randall – ASTRO Warblade – Community Manager
I’ve gone back to playing Gears of War 3 with some bros for some late night gaming sessions. There were some free DLC maps, including a remake of a Gears 1 map, Clocktower. The TDM game type and weapon spawns make this a new experience (as well as Gears3 has dedicated servers, so no more host advantage FTW!).

Skyrim has also been taking up a bunch of my time. I didn’t think I would be into a RPG game on the Xbox, but this game is extremely fun. I’ve been taking on fire breathing dragons with my epic ebony bow, forging my own armor, and of course picking up every herb I walk across. I maybe have played through 40 hours into this game, and not even half way through the story yet…

XBL GT: Warblade

Stan – ASTRO stanimal – Partnership Marketing Manager
Battlefield 3. Something about sniping scrubs with an array of sniper rifles never gets old. When I get bored of that, back to the AEK-971. And yes, I play on PC. After I’m done tearing through a server, I jump onto League of Legends where I’m humbled with every game because I’m absolutely terrible at that game. Rightfully so, I’ve always sucked at RTS or MOBA games but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop playing them. They’re just too much fun and I’m a sucker for skins.

XBL GT: ASTRO stanimal

Andreas – ASTRO Nexy – Content Coordinator
I had an avid-fighting-game buddy visiting me from NYC this week. We decided to burn some time on The King of Fighters 12. As a long time Street Fighter fan, I pick and choose my fighting-games with much care. When mashing my arcade sticks, I prefer that the game I’m playing promotes the core values that is found in traditional 2D fighters and ultimately appeals to the thinking-man. The latest King of Fighters does a wonderful job retaining the core fundamentals I was looking for.

Footsies, spacing, reading your opponent and bread and butter combo’s are the name of the game. These skills, if mastered, will translate into most fighting games on the market today. If you want to learn the proper way to play a fighting-game, KOF will force you to use these classic tactics or be beat into submission.

Watch out though, Xbox Live mode is unplayable. If you don’t have friends… don’t bother.

XBL GT: The MLG Nexy

Corey – ASTRO JamBacula – Dealer Services
Battlefield 3 – What’s not to like? Vehicles, explosions, environmental destructibility, class/team-based warfare, big maps, tons of gear to unlock, awesome graphics and sound etc.

NetFlix – X-Files – Scully!!!!!
[I think Corey has an unhealthy obsession with Scully… Or maybe Mulder… or both… ^W]


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