Back in 2006, we began working with some Pro Teams in Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit: Carbon, Str8 Rippen and others. We listened to what was currently lacking in the competitive gaming scene and came up with a prototype audio system. These units provided a way for teams to interact via clear voice communication and hear all of the specific game sounds and queues in competitive gaming. The result was a 1st place finish by Carbon in the 2006 Championships in Halo, and several more 1st and 2nd place finishes by Carbon and Str8 Rippen in 2006 and 2007.  In 2008, MLG made ASTRO Gaming the official audio gear of the Pro Circuit and provided MixAmps at every team station.

Fast forward to 2012. We are proud to announce our very first sponsorship of Team Eon. The roster of Team Eon hosts some of the best players and teams in the world, including Halo veterans Instinct, Call of Duty’s Team EnVyUs and winners of the CODXP $1 Million tournament, OpTic Gaming. Newcomers to the Eon roster also include an EnVyUs competitive Gears of War 3 team, which made their competitive gaming debut at Hypefestation.

This sponsorship was a natural progression for ASTRO as we’ve had a close relationship with these teams for the last 5 MLG seasons. These teams have been at the top of their game, with placements in the top 3 at MLG tournaments and multiple 1st place tournament wins.

With Eon’s sponsorship by ASTRO Gaming, we’ll be helping to support their competitive teams by providing travel to tournaments like MLG’s Pro Circuit events and other major tournaments held around the nation. These teams will also be essential in the research and development of the next generation of products from ASTRO Gaming. Video coverage and behind the scenes looks will be provided by Team Eon throughout the year for coverage at tournaments and LAN events throughout the competitive season.

We have always been a supporter of the eSports scene and with the addition of Team Eon to our ASTRO family, we’re thrilled to see what they will be doing to reshape the competitive gaming circuit for years to come. You can keep up with what’s going on with each of the teams below

Team Eon: @Teameon

OpTic Gaming: @OpTicGaming | Facebook | YouTube | H3CZ

Team EnVyUs: @TeamEnVyUs | YouTube | hastr0

Team Instinct: Facebook: Lunchbox | Roy | Pistola | OGRE 2 | Towey