So maybe you braved the long lines and dealt with the pre-orders at your local BestBuy or Gamestop to pick up what looks to be the hottest new hand-held game console this year, the PS Vita. We have one in the office, and it’s truly an amazing device. The clarity and contrast on the display, along with the multiple control schemes from the dual shock controls, to the touchpad back and front panels make for a very interesting gaming platform. I honestly can’t wait for some better games to show off the full use of the Vita.

There have also been some questions about if we’re making some gear that will work with the PS Vita. We have that covered as well, as all of our headset gear already works great with the Vita! All of our headsets can plug into the Vita’s 3.5mm jack, and when using the same 4-pole QD cable, it allows you to use your mic with the Vita for games, chat, and whatever other future apps Sony comes up with (Skype would be a good bet with their 3G service).

Lastly, we want to hook you up with some of our ASTRO Wallpaper designs formatted for the PS Vita! Cause you know it’ll make those other guys jealous when you pull out your Vita with a nice pull away ASTRO banner. 😉

Download “World”

Download “Zombie Apocalypse”

Download “FM”

Download “Graffiti”

-ASTRO Warblade